Central Hotels in Dublin

When you want a mixture of the city, countryside and exotic beaches all at once, Dublin is the place to go. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Dublin is best known for its historical charm coupled up with a complete cosmopolitan life too. The city offers the best of both worlds, the charm of a quite country life and a busy busy city life too. Trendy bars, hip shopping boutiques, elegant restaurants which offer exotic food and a great collection for best luxury hotels in the world. Dublin has got it all.Dublin receives a great number of visitors throughout the year, the Dublin city centre is the main attraction for all who visit this historical and cultural city with beautiful beaches and a quite country charm too coupled up with the busiest city lifestyles too. To house the numerous visitors in the city, there are a great many hotels in the Dublin city centre, which are preferred mostly by all who are visiting the city either on vacations, or business trips. There are hotels which range from being super luxury five stars hotels to the menial ones, fit for people who travel from city to city touring the whole of Finland.Academy Plaza hotel is one of the best hotels located near the Dublin city center. Because of its nearness to the city centre it is known as one of the many Dublin city centre hotels in the region. Recently awarded the 4 starred status by the Best Western International, the Academy Plaza hotel is one of the very best hotels in Dublin city centre which offers its guest quality services, comfortable lodgings and great food. The hotel provides its guests with exceptional services that make an impression on their minds to last a life time. The Academy Plaza hotel is designed entirely keeping the guests’ comfort in view and is reasonably afforded by all, either families on vacations, tourists or businessmen.Another one of the hotels known as the Dublin City Center hotel is the Travelodge Hotel. Located at a comfortable distance of 2km from the Dublin City Center, the Travelodge Hotel has the reputation for being one of the best hotels in the Dublin City Center district. The hotel’s prime and vibrant location with many nearby shops, coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment places, has made it a top favorite with all the visitors in the city, who want the comfort of the hotel rooms and the buzz and hum of city life right next to each other. Reasonably priced, with comfortable accommodations and good food, the Travelodge Hotel has all the basic amenities a person needs while out of home.Last but not the least, located in the heart of the Dublin City Center is the La Stampa hotel. A classic piece of great architecture, the hotel offers its guest with all the comfort and entertainment they can ask for while there stay in Dublin. Being four starred, the La Stampa hotel is reasonably priced and offers its guests all they can ask for while their stay in the city.

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